We believe pausing is to the mind, what working out is to the body.

Taking a moment each day to pause in order to reach peak performance. For the ones constantly trying to do it all. Radical Pause is the method and movement helping hundreds pause, reset, and recharge to be your raddest self.

Radical Pause

A message, method, and movement helping hundreds pause

from the everyday hustle and combat stress. 

The Rad Talk

Gelsomina the founder of Radical Pause has a very personal and profound message to share with the world. The secret to transforming your leadership style is just a radical pause away and she can prove it!


As humanity we are facing a burnout epidemic where “hustle” has become glorified, but what if I told you that we are actually more efficient when we pause?  


This talk and immersion workshop gives you a new method to optimize your time and incorporate pausing into your daily routine. 


Radical Pause was created to help you live and lead from a place of clarity. In a society that expects you to constantly be "on" pausing is the greatest act of rebellion.

Customized Talks for

  • Women Organizations

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Schools and Universities

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About Me

Gelsomina is a Sports Emmy Award Winner, inspirational speaker, brand consultant, meditation advocate, and founder of Radical Pause. 

This first-generation Latina-Italian American has lived in the sports and wellness world, getting her career started at the age of 18 with the worldwide leader of sports ESPN. By the age of 25, she was leading a crew of 200+ for ESPN Tennis US Open team. She has a natural ability to bridge the gap between culture and stories that move the audience. 

Gelsomina completed her Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Upon graduation, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer, Fellow for BLab. 

She seeks to inspire brands and humanity to take a Radical Pause.
Her witty, passionate, and raw storytelling style will inspire you to change your perception of time and to take pause.


  • Emmy Award Winner, ESPN

  • CMO Fellow, BCorp

  • Brand Master, SVA 

  • Journalism Award, MSG

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