EP: 005 How to not give a shit & keep creating with actor Ellen Toland

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Welcome to the Self-Care Sunday Podcast! I’m G, a city girl with a country heart and the founder of Radical Pause. We believe pausing is to the mind, what working out is to the body. After experiencing burn out first hand, I went on the quest to uncover every self-care secret under the sun to radically transform my life .

Meet Ellen Toland

Ellen Toland is a NYC based actor and a native Texan turned New Yorker, Ellen received her BFA in Acting from Pace University. She went on to train at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. The film INSIDE THE RAIN marks Ellen Toland's debut as a leading lady.

Rad Mentions:

Inside the Rain Trailer

Just Kids by Patty Smith

Role Models by John Waters

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In a society that expects you to constantly be "on" pausing is the greatest act of rebellion.


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