EP:004 How healthy skin equals a healthy you with Natalia Bednarek founder of Herla Beauty

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Welcome to the Self-Care Sunday Podcast! I’m G, a city girl with a country heart and the founder of Radical Pause. We believe pausing is to the mind, what working out is to the body. After experiencing burn out first hand, I went on the quest to uncover every self-care secret under the sun to radically transform my life .

Meet Natalia Bednarek

Natalia Bednarek the co-founder of HerlaBeauty, a vegan, cruelty free skincare brand she started with her grandmother. When most people take a vacation, they come back with glowing skin and happy memories. When Natalia’s grandmother Krystyna traveled, though, she would come back with beauty secrets, techniques and ingredients that women from around the world told her they used to keep their skin clear and beautiful. Inspired by those world travels, Formosa and her grandmother decided to share those secrets with women everywhere through their skin-care line Herla Beauty.

Natalia has always been a trailblazer, in 2015 she traveled from Poland to New York City to pursue her Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts, with no connection to the big apple she made her mark and never looked back.

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